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flat roof replacement
A skilled chimney repair team is crucial for ensuring that the repairs are conducted effectively and safely. As winter winds howl and the cosy comfort of your hearth beckons, there's nothing more crucial than ensuring your chimney stands tall and proud, ready to channel the warmth of a thousand suns into your abode.

Flat roofs are currently in high demand across the UK. Over 70% of Great British buildings have this type of roofing. The love for flat roof options means that adding one to your home can greatly raise your property value.

But what modern options can you use to add value to your roofing? Read on to learn how you can make the most of your flat roof replacement in Watford.

High-Quality Roof Materials

Asphalt is a common roof material for both flat and sloping roofs. It’s highly flexible and durable, which makes it last a long time. Plus, because of asphalt’s weather resistance, it serves as a great protective barrier for your roof.

However, metal roofing is generally considered a Cadillac of flat roof materials. It’s durable and energy-efficient, meaning that it can lower energy costs for the 30-50-year lifespan that it offers. Plus, its sleek aesthetic is modern and exciting, especially when it reflects light.

You also can use modern materials like EPDM and TPO. These are extremely reflective and UV-resistant materials made from a single-ply membrane. They’re really affordable and look beautiful in any lighting, so ask about them when talking to your local roofers.

Energy Efficiency Features

Metal roofing is extremely eco-friendly, but you can up your green game in other ways, too.

Energy-efficient features can boost building value. Solar panels are easy to install on flat roofs because it’s easy to mount them there. These panels take sunlight, convert it into energy, and power your home or commercial building with that energy instead of electricity.

This means that you protect the environment while also dealing with much lower energy bills! You may also get tax breaks for solar panel installation, which is a huge plus. If you’re a commercial operation, you also may make more money since 65% of Brits will pay more for sustainability.

Insulation Methods

There are multiple ways to insulate a flat roof. This is because insulation is easy on flat surfaces regardless of the material.

A “cold roof” is one where insulation goes beneath the deck of the roofing. This can cause a lot of condensation on the roof in cold-weather climates and requires a lot of ventilation.

A “warm roof” has above-deck installation. It’s best for cold-weather climates because it allows for easy heating and greater external insulation. However, you’ll need to consider this before getting a new roof since it’s more visible in certain situations.

Different buildings and roofing materials require different insulation methods and levels, so make sure that you consult with a Watford professional before making any hard decisions.

Get Flat Roof Replacement in Watford

Now that you know the ins and outs of flat roof replacement, it’s time to invest in high-quality roof materials. Maccabees Roofing Contractors is committed to local roofing repair in Watford and surrounding areas.

We work on restoring and replacing both commercial and residential roofs, so we have the knowledge and tools needed to boost your property value. Reach out to our team to enquire about your specific project.

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